We're really good at helping businesses online and aiding people in different areas. We support businesses with their online needs in various fields.

Why did he begin this website?

Most of the content he uses on this website is based on his own experience. However, he does not publish any information without verification. Here he has presented medium and large type articles on various online tools, stock market, technology, digital products in detail.

Besides, he talks about many of his own products. A viewer can easily buy that product. These products are specifically discussed.

All products on this site are completely safe. No objectionable content or products are discussed here.

Syed Mortuja does not directly promote any product or service. Besides, all the external linking is mostly official links related to that content. And those links will never harm you. If Syed Mortuja has an affiliate link or a referral link, it is always mentioned.

What are his near-term goals?

Creating high quality content through which one can give a transparent idea about Product, Travel, Programming, Digital Life. Our first aim of this website is to increase public awareness of new products and original products.

What are his future aspirations?

We are working on creating a beta version of this website. Through the Syed Mortuja website people will be able to get the services mentioned below.

His First Payment

My website reached a big milestone in views on August 12, 2018. After that, my site started making money through ads, and in September 2018, I saw my first dollar earned on my Adsense dashboard.

That moment was significant because it made me realize that if I could make $1, I could aim for even more that amount. It was a turning point for me. Finally, on April 26, 2019, I received my first payment from AdSense into my bank account.

Describe his first trip abroad to Saudi Arabia

Syed Mortuja

The first time my Mother flew on an airplane for Umrah. His first trip to Saudi Arabia was incredibly special because it was for Umrah, a religious journey. The excitement and anticipation were overwhelming as I set off for this meaningful experience.

Syed Mortuja Medina

Saudi Arabia's atmosphere felt peaceful and sacred upon arrival, especially in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Syed Mortuja Medina